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Although Dysphoria is an emotional state that can indicate several mental health conditions, it is not a clinical diagnosis in and of itself. It is defined by melancholy and a profound sensation of discomfort, anxiety and discontent with oneself or one’s environment. However, everyone experiences sadness or unhappiness.  What is the definition of Dysphoria?  A...
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Learn the science of why people procrastinate and simple tips by a psychiatrist in Bathinda to stop the habit of procrastination.  Procrastination is a frustrating habit that stops you from living your life happily. A procrastinator constantly thinks about past mistakes and is unable to seek opportunities in the present. A procrastinator is a normal human being;...
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The psychiatrist of Bathinda is responsible for treating depression. There are various kinds of depression that affect people. Those who are to be treated with the help of the psychiatrists have usually progressed in the advanced stages. The individual can’t find out whether the particular kind of depression is to be treated by the psychologist or the...
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According to the psychiatrist in Ludhiana, “Since I have stepped in the psychiatric career, numerous patients have shared their experiences. Many of them expressed how difficult it was for them to approach a psychiatrist as the societal notions had filled his mind with fear.” Visiting the counselling centre in Punjab is not an easy and...
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