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Singla Hospital De-Addiction Centre In Bathinda: Drug addiction is a disease that affects the brain and behaviour in such a way that the person becomes unable to control the use of drugs or medication. The drug might be legal or illegal. Drugs include substances like alcohol, marijuana, and nicotine. Addiction to a particular drug means that you are unable to discontinue using the drug despite knowing its harmful consequences on you or your loved ones.

Symptoms of Addiction

  • Feeling compulsion to use the drug regularly at a very high frequency
  • Having urges so intense that the person completely blocks out any other thoughts related to work, study or family, etc.
  • Requiring more and more drugs to get the same effect over time.
  • Feeling restless, irritable, and anxious all the time when the drug is not taken.
  • Taking a higher dose of the drug over a longer period than was initially intended
  • Making sure that there is a regular supply of the drug
  • Spending money on buying the drug, even if it is out of one’s affordability. Many addicts steal, borrow or commit crimes to obtain money
  • Ignoring one’s obligations, work responsibilities, and social life
  • Continuing to use the drug, even after knowing that it causes physical, psychological, social harm

Risk Factors for Addiction

De-Addiction centre in Bathinda has provided information about the factors that may raise the risk of addiction. Let’s look at these factors:


  • Family history of addiction-If someone in your family (Parent or sibling) is affected by addiction; you too have a greater risk of developing a drug addiction.
  • Mental health disorder-Having a mental health disorder like attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or extreme stress, may make you anxious and depressed and fall prey to addiction.
  • Peer pressure-Peer pressure plays a strong role in initiating the use and misuse of drugs. This is especially true for the young generation.
  • Lack of family involvement- weak bonding with your family members may lead to a higher risk of addiction.
  • Early use- using drugs at an early age, might increase the chances of drug addiction.
  • Taking highly addictive drugs like cocaine can increase the chances of addiction.

Types Of Addiction

Alcohol or Drug Addiction

When one gets addicted to alcohol or a drug, it is known as Alcohol or drug addiction. It is a condition that is progressive and relapses even though the user knows its negative consequences. There are high tolerance and dependence of the user on the substance. When someone develops a tolerance to a substance, then he requires a higher amount of doses to feel the desired effects. When someone develops a dependence on the drug, he does not feel normal without the drug and exhibits withdrawal symptoms when the use is stopped. Many substances come under this category – Anabolic Steroids, heroin, morphine, Valium, etc.


Drug Rehab Therapy is used to help treat such patients. Alcohol Rehab Therapy is used specifically for treating such patients with alcohol addiction.


Behavioral Addiction

This addiction shows a difference in behaviour when the user is prohibited to keep away from certain activities. If the person has low self-control related to the following activities, then he, maybe a victim of Behavioral Addiction. It can be related to the following activities-


  • Cell phone and social media
  • Exercise
  • Food
  • Gambling
  • Sex

Treatment Of Drug Addictions

Drug addiction treatment often requires a stepwise approach. Rehab Centre in Bathinda is there to help out the patients who require drug addiction treatment. The following treatment strategies are generally used –


1) Detoxification – It is a term used to describe the process of removing the drug from the patient’s body. It safely removes the drug from the body without causing any medical complications.


  • Medical treatment/Pharmacotherapy- It uses different medicines for detoxification of different substances. This treatment may be performed on an outpatient basis but may require DeAddiction hospitalization if the risks or chances of relapse are high.
  • Psychological treatment- various therapies to enhance the motivation of the individual are employed to make him continue his treatment.


2) Prevention of relapse – This stage comes after the completion of stage 1 treatment. The goal of this stage is to ensure that the person keeps away from drugs. This can be done through the following methods.


  • Medicinal/pharmacological- It involves the use of the medications that reduce the urge/craving for drugs and helps him stay away from them.
  • Psychological intervention- Various psychosocial treatment options available to help the person get rid of his addiction. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, 12 Step program, Relapse Prevention Therapy, available for such people. Best rehab centres know which therapy will suit the patient best according to the degree of addiction and his personality.
  • Rehabilitation and Reintegration- In this phase, the person is reintroduced and reintegrated into society. It is the concluding step of Drug abuse treatment. It is carried out by qualified professionals who are engaged with organizations that work specifically for this purpose. They also take the support of the patient’s family members.

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