I did my M. S. in Gen. surgery in 1991. I was getting Pediatric surgery. My professor at that point of time advised me that India needs more good general surgeons, remain and develop yourself as good general surgeon. I tried to do the same over the years. I learned minimal invasive techniques. Endo urology- endoscopy skills, A.T.L.S. course- became instructor for A.T.L.S. and I am doing quite well in private practice as a general surgeon with modern skills.

I found still too many quacks working in anorectal problems area and reason I found was that not too many surgeons are interested in the field. I started taking interest in fellow ship training course of association of colorectal surgeons of India and become its fellow. Now I feel that this is the area of my interest and want to get higher education in the field. When I visited U.K. (N. H. S.) trust hospital in Birmingham my tutor Dr. Sharad introduced me about this programme. I wish I could spread modern colo proctology in my area and work for my community.